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The Nordic FUTURE model

Nordic FUTURE has chosen a Co-Creation approach and our objective is to bring real value to each attendee, partners and share it with followers online.

Our International, national and local inspirational speakers, sharing what’s going on in the world, is mixed in moderated interactive dialogue on stage during 3 sets per day.

That energy and insights we transform and take with us into these 3 sessions over each day. Each of the days at the Nordic Future has a rhythm based upon the Appreciative Inquiry 4D innovation cycle.

Progress made – is about discovering the best to bring with us into the future, our success factors, high-quality connections and the progress that is made.

What if? – is about dreaming and imagine new possibilities, future opportunities, and scenarios that we would love to see come true.

The afternoon focus more on;

Design and prototyping –  which is about ”build to think” and to be able and test what wow’s people. To build and test your ideas on people to make them say: Yes I want more of that! Or show them your prototype to make them say No, that is not what I want!

And the magic of Destiny – that is about connecting with people and resources that want your great ideas to come true. We do that by gathering at the Orangery, at the end of each day to continue to share ideas, network, plan a flourishing future.

Let us Co-Create OUR flourishing, successful and happy FUTURE.

Welcome to Sundsvall

Photo from Nordic FUTURE 2017