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Fia Gulliksson, entrepreneur in crEATive gastronomy to Nordic FUTURE days

Welcome Fia Gulliksson, entrepreneur focused on creative gastronomy.

Fia uses food and culture as the tools for leading her company Food In Action. At Nordic FUTURE days Fia will share her experiences and HOW to build crEATive Gastronomy eco-systems for local and global growth with healthy food.

Food In Action  has launched a number of successful initiatives and sustainable brands that have catalysed the county of Jämtland’s development and put the region firmly on the map. What’s more, Fia’s companies provide enduring social and cultural capital in rural areas, they’re debt-free, and… they’re profitable.

Fia will inspire and help you to crEATe your own organic ecosystem or to build your own profitable brand. She loves to share ideas of Nordic sustainable solutions and entrepreneurship.

Fia was awarded honorary doctor at the MidSweden University in crEATive Gastronomy 2016. Fia is a self taught chef and also the brain behind many ideas, businesses and projects.

At the moment Fia travels the world and inspire others to crEATive action, development and social transformation in their local communities. See you at the Nordic FUTURE day for Food in Action, Fia.