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Leonard Johard, expert in artifical neural networks to Nordic FUTURE days

Leonard Johard is an expert in artificial neural networks and reinforcement learning. He is also co-founder and the RD&I Director and head of Calejo´s Data Analysis and Forecasing Models.

Beside Calejo Leonard today work as a postdoctoral researcher at Innopolis, Russia, and as a developer of cloud-based brain simulators in CERN openlab, Switzerland.

He wrote his first neural network library at 17 and has since pursued the development for strong AI. His PhD thesis from the prestigious Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Italy describes the first mathematical model of the human motor system.

Leonard is currently involved in BioDynaMo, an international effort to create a full-scale simulation of the learning human brain. He expects it to take its first steps in a robotic body in 2018 Just the link between research and industry is extremely important to maintain skills and to ensure that the exchange goes in both directions.

One of the founders of Calejo Data Analysis, Leonard Johard, is leading the research team and designing algorithms for the global research joint AI project BioDynaMo. This is BioDynaMo BioDynaMo is an AI project led by CERN’s framework for partnership with the private sector, CERN Openlab. The aim of the project is to create a full-scale simulation of brain development and learning. A single cell will give rise to the human structure of 20 billion neurons, corresponding to an adult brain.

This is achieved through virtual cell division and genetically controlled processes of cell differentiation and networking. This artificial being will live entirely in the commercial cloud.

In 2018, it is expected that the brain in the cloud will be able to teach itself to walk with a robotic body currently being designed for it. BioDynaMo will be used for advanced academic research within AI, as well as for research for the life sciences and for the industrial development.

Welcome Leonard, we are excited to learn more at Nordic FUTURE days 22-23rd of March.