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Michael Sillion, Captain FUTURE

How do we set our direction into and start co-creating and prototyping the future?

Michael Sillion is Captain Future who has spent the last 6 years exploring where we are heading as a species and as a civilization and more importantly how do we navigate and change our course into a desirable, flourishing and sustainable future.

An avid event goer of all types of events and gatherings he has studies what happens on different kind of meet-ups between different people and networks.

He started his podcast in 2016 where he talks to people about how we co-create the future an d regularly hosts Future lunches and workshops where ever he goes. With a curios and playful mindset to everything from flow-states and happiness to ontological design and social fields he will challenge you to participate in co-creating and prototyping the future!

Michael will also host a conversation sofa where talk about how we Co-Create the Future