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Reza Mossavi

My goal is to always explore new ideas, learn new things and constantly evolve. Like the Nordic FUTURE days.

I have had the advantage of being able to work in several areas : electronics, automation and training. I have experience as a designer and engineer and researcher. I enjoy a full job agenda. At stressful times, I can plan ahead, be flexible and able to work beyond the normal time if desired. I am a caring, happy, efficient and helpful guy who is easy to talk to and I have good communications skills. I can work in groups and individually. I am open to suggestions and I am constantly trying to improve myself and my working results.

Working as an electronics engineer is not only to realize ideas, but also bring new ideas to work, to explore new ways and get information about other disciplines and are constantly looking for new clients who need our services. Electronics engineers are on the verge of our growing knowledge: to offer new ways to gather information and process it for other disciplines to interpret them. This is what I think of electronics designers and I always try to get closer to this definition