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Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford, under several corporate structures, has worked with Fortune 500 and “rock star entrepreneurs” for nearly forty years—creating significant evolution in financial effectiveness, meaningful market contribution, and transformation of communities and ecosystems.

She contracted with many colleagues to participate in these events and used the events with clients to develop people in working with the technology based on living systems.  In summary, she has:

  • Worked in thirty-two industries;
  • Consulted with 124 businesses;
  • Worked on all the livable continents;
  • Led 4,775 independent change practitioners who serve as resources to business and other entities;
  • Had twenty-four leaders promoted to senior or C-suite leadership of other Fortune 500 businesses;
  • Worked with 122 small businesses that are thriving beyond ten years, including some which have gone public;
  • Lectured at multiple universities, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford,  and Ross Michigan; and
  • Become mandatory reading at over 200 universities, colleges and prep schools around the world.