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Jed Emerson, Blended Value takeaways from Nordic Impact Week – SoCap17

Inspirational takeaways with Jed Emerson, Blended Value, from Nordic Impact Week – SoCap17.

Thank you, Jed, Liza-Maria interviewing and Thomas behind the camera.


Jed Emerson is an internationally recognized thought leader with over 25 years of experience within impact investing and social entrepreneurship, navigating the blend of economic, social and environmental value creation and stewardship.

Jed originated the concept of Blended Value. From “why” to “how to”? What if we were to re-engage our “how to” strategies in a deeper exploration of various community and individual understandings of the “why”, of The Purpose of Capital to ensure what we promote for the future is well grounded within our traditions, cultures and deep historical experiences of the past?

Text above is from SoCap’s Spotlight sessions with Jed, full story below All rights reserved Social Capital Markets here…

New e-book released in late September!

The e-book version of Jed’s next publication, The Purpose of Capital: Elements of Impact, Financial Flows, and Natural Being, will be released free of charge in late September with lower cost, paperback versions out shortly thereafter.

Jed is inspired and connected to the Nordics, especially in that much of the philosophy is informed by the Nordic philosopher, Arne Naess’, work on deep ecology! Follow Jed’s channels below.

Contact Jed: Email  Twitter   Blended value

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