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Join the Nordic Impact Entrepreneurs to San Francisco & Silicon Valley!

A weekly program at the world’s leading conference on Social Enterprise, Impact Investing

and Innovation, October 19-31, 2018

Bridging the Nordics with the World in Silicon Valley

Nordic Impact Week is about Co-Creating the FUTURE and business opportunities in Silicon Valley. Look forward to engage in ‘Knowledge Transfer', 'Inspirational Networking' and 'Social Innovation Training' where you will explore the latest trends and actions aimed at creating a better world. You will participate in the SOCAP18 conference and meet companies like Tesla Motors, Stanford, Nordic Innovation House and more. Join the journey of your life!

What our partners say

André Bogsjö, Funding at UNITI - Ingenious EV, Lund, Sweden

André has a long history of working for societal change as an expert in social innovation. He is the CoFounder of the Social Innovation Center at Lund University and has been successful in raising governmental funding fo

Kevin Jones, Co-founder SOCAP and Neighbourhood Economics, San Francisco, United States

SOCAP focuses on the intersection between money and meaning because we need to invest for good as well as give for good. Welcome to SOCAPs 10-years anniversary Oct 10-13

Executive Producer at The Regenerative Business Summit, Award Winning Author

Responsible Entrepreneurs start out with the idea of changing the game of business itself, to make the world a better place.

Karl McFaul, Visioneer, City of Lund, Sweden

I have attended the Nordic Impact Week 2 years now and Strongly recommend anyone to take this opportunity.

Head of Development, NOVA - The Global Top Talent Network

I want to get a better understanding of what social capital is. I am impressed with how many people are running with this and I want to be a part of it.

President and Founding Partner, Reinventure Capital

I attended the Nordic Impact Week several years, I am very passionate about climate change and would like to understand what it means to invest in a business that creates real solutions, social inclusion, and resilience.

Gregory Wendt, Living Economy Advisors, Los Angeles, U.S.

Join the Nordic Impact Week, best week of your life

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