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Program including SOCAP 

Sep-Oct, 2023 (TBC)


Bridging the Nordic-Baltics with Silicon Valley for Business Beyond Carbon Impact.

Nordic-Baltic Impact Week is one week of business & training for Entrepreneurs and Impact stakeholders. The purpose and mission of "Nordic-Baltic Impact Week" are to facilitate and create business opportunities. Impact action, social innovation training. Knowledge transfer, and networking between the Nordic-Baltics and the ecosystems of entrepreneurs, investors and relevant companies every day in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, San Diego, and Los Angeles. You will participate in the SOCAP22 conference and meet companies like Tesla Motors, Stanford, Nordic Innovation House and more.

What some of our co-creators say

André Bogsjö, Funding at UNITI - Ingenious EV, Lund, Sweden

André has a long history of working for societal change as an expert in social innovation. He is the CoFounder of the Social Innovation Center at Lund University and has been successful in raising governmental funding.

Head of Community, Start North

Looking forward to meeting Future Impact Makers and co-create the FUTURE of Education platform Start North. Especially our 5G Hack the California mall program.

Ray Podder, Designer, Author, Alchemist, Los Angeles United States

The most fantastic Edge and Impact People in the world co-creating a sustainable business future for real.

Head of Development, NOVA - The Global Top Talent Network

I want to get a better understanding of what social capital is. I am impressed with how many people are running with this and I want to be a part of it.

Karl McFaul, Visioneer, City of Lund, Sweden

I have attended the Nordic Impact Week 2 years now and Strongly recommend anyone to take this opportunity.

CEO at L&CO | Head Of Operations at Director House

I am really looking forward to co-create new sustainable business, at the same time doing good for society and planet at the Nordic Impact Week

Gregory Wendt, Living Economy Advisors, Los Angeles, U.S.

Join the Nordic Impact Week, best week of your life

David Radszuweit, Security & Project Consultant

So excited to join Nordic Impact Week and meet you in San Francisco and Silicon Valley

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