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Lotta Gröning, journalist curious on the future

Lotta Gröning is an experienced journalist with a political interest spanning over 20 years, writing for the Swedish daily newspaper Expressen.

Now Lotta is joining Nordic entrepreneurs visiting the world’s leading conference on Social Enterprise, Impact Investing, Societal Change and innovation “SOCAP 17”  in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to learn from Impact Investors, founders, and entrepreneurs in the forefront from all over the world, at the heart of innovation says, Lotta.

I am very curious about the future and also engaged with the University of Linköping in digitalization, and the future of our society. Lotta has earned the degree philosophy doctor, in history.

Contact Lotta to set up interesting meetings and connect with the future in societal change, Impact Investing and
development in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

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